The meaning of
color blue.


"The Meaning of the Color Blue" is written for those who love the blue color. This color represents trust, responsibility, honesty or loyalty."


"Blue is sincere, reserved and quiet. It doesn't want to make a fuss or attract attention."

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Mavi Detay Group

Our company, which was established in 2013 under the name of Mavi Konak, carried out renovation-oriented projects in the first period, and later continued with projects such as offices, hostels and cafes. Since 2017, it has also started to operate in the software industry. Our company, which entered the sector by producing small software solutions at the first stage. Since 2018, it has specialized in two different sectors, namely the Architectural Studio and the Software Office, and has gained the Mavi Detay Group identity. It is a company that has carried out successful projects in both areas until today and is proud of providing trouble-free service to many business partners with a solution and customer satisfaction-oriented approach.

Mavi Detay Mimarlık Ofisi

Mavi Detay architectural studio is a production center where different projects take place in the field of design and implementation. In this production center, where different designers and experts come together throughout the projects, it has integrated the application area and the design area with its experience. The greatest obstacle to a good idea is falling in love with your own idea." It is among the priorities of our office to work with the customer, to develop the design with a fast, contemporary and aesthetic understanding in a way that will adapt to customer and user needs, function and economic conditions, and to produce solutions.

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